McLaren Qualified Pre-Owned


Datos del vehículo
  • MarcaMcLaren
  • Precio875.000 AED
  • Año del modelo2018
  • Kilometraje10.135 km
  • InteriorHarissa Red/Carmine Red
  • Garantía
720S detalles
  • Aceleración 2,9 secs (0-100 km/h)
  • Par de torsión máx.770 Nm
  • Capacidad cúbica3.994 cm³
  • Potencia530 kW

  • Anchura del vehículo 2.161 mm
  • Longitud del vehículo4.543 mm
  • Altura del vehículo1.196 mm

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ET0101AUDIO12 :Audio System - 12 Speaker
ET0501NON_RDD :McLaren Track Telemetry - App Only
EX1501BC0001E :Exterior Standard Paint - White
EX2201GG_DOORUPPER :Exterior Door Upper - Gorilla Glass
EX2602CF_ROOF :Roof - Carbon Fibre
EX2801CARB_DM :Door Mirror - Carbon Fibre
EX2901SPEXH :Sports Exhaust
EX3101SHADWPK :Stealth Pack
EX3401CF_HOOD_VENT :Hood Air Intake – Carbon Fibre
EX3701CF_SPLT :Front Splitter - Carbon Fibre
EX4001CF_RRBUMP :Rear Bumper - Carbon Fibre
EX4601CF_FRT_INTAKE :Front Air Intake - Carbon Fibre
EX5901CF_RR_SIDEINLET :Rear Fender Air Intakes - Carbon Fibre
EX6101CF_DIFF :Diffuser - Carbon Fibre
EX9501SCLATCH :Soft Close Doors
IN0202PERF_007 :Perf Trim - Harissa Red/Carmine Red
IN0401CF_ROCK_MSO :Sill Panel - Satin Extended Carbon Fibre
IN0501ELECSEA :Electric and Heated Memory Seats
IN0501STDSEAT :Standard Seats - Manually Adjustable
IN0601STD_SB :Seat Back - Carbon Black
IN1001STD_COL :Steering Column - Adjustable (Manual)
IN1701CF_PRIMARY_COMP :Primary Interior Components - CF
IN2502CF_STEERINGWHL :Steering Wheel - CF
IN2602CF_SW_PADDLE :Steering Wheel Paddles - CF
IN3001SEATBELT_BLK :Seatbelt - Black
IN9701AMBI_LIGHT :Ambient Lighting
IN9801P1KPHCLUSTER :Instrument Cluster - KPH
PK0102PERF :By McLaren - Performance
PK2001MONO_DP :Visible Body Structure - Dark Palladium
PK3001PACK_EXT1 :Carbon Fibre Exterior Upgrade - Pack 1
PK3002PACK_EXT2 :Carbon Fibre Exterior Upgrade - Pack 2
PK3005PACK_EXT3 :Carbon Fibre Ext Upgrade - Pack 3
PT010114_COUPE :McLaren 720S Coupe
PT0201MY2018 :2018 Model Year
PT0301040R :Middle East and Africa
PT0401040002L :Vehicle Specification - UAE
PT0501LHD :Left Hand Drive
PT0601OMENARAB :Owners Manual - English (Arabic)
PT0701SYSL_ENGLISH :System Language - English (UK)
PT1001FLOORMAT :Branded Floor Mat Set
PT2001CARCVR :Car Cover
PT2501FIREEXT :Fire Extinguisher
PT3001ACCESSORIES :Warning Triangle and First Aid Kit
PT3501BATCHRG :Battery Charger - Lithium-ion
PT9701LUGGSTRAP :Luggage Retention Strap
PT9901433MHZ :433Mhz Frequency for TPMS and Keys
SS0101PTS :Parking Sensors (Front and Rear)
SS0201PSREVCAM :Parking Sensors and Rear Parking Camera
SS0501ALARM_STD :Standard Alarm
SS0701SURRVIEW :360 Degree Park Assist
SS1502VEHICLE_LIFT :Vehicle Lift
WB0101FRGW :5 Twin-Spoke Lightweight Forged Wheels
WB0201WHLFIN_SDW :Wheel Finish - Satin Diamond Cut
WB0301CCMB :Carbon Ceramic Brakes
WB0401CALI_CLR_RB :Calipers - Red
WB1001TY_CORS :Tyres - Pirelli P ZERO CORSA
WB9901TPMS :Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Entertainment
  • 12 Speaker Audio System
  • McLaren Track Telemetry - App Only
  • Exterior
  • Carbon Fibre Diffuser
  • Carbon Fibre Door Mirror
  • Carbon Fibre Front Air Intake
  • Carbon Fibre Front Splitter
  • Carbon Fibre Hood Air Intake
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Fender Air Intakes
  • Carbon Fibre Roof
  • Gorilla Glass Exterior Door Upper
  • Soft Close Doors
  • Sports Exhaust
  • Stealth Pack
  • Interior
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Black Seatbelt
  • Carbon Fibre Interior Pack 1
  • Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel
  • Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel Paddles
  • Electric & Heated Memory Seats
  • MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Satin Sill Panel
  • Manually Adjustable Seats
  • Manually Adjustable Steering Column
  • Pack
  • By McLaren - Performance
  • Carbon Fibre Ext Upgrade - Pack 3
  • Carbon Fibre Exterior Upgrade - Pack 1
  • Carbon Fibre Exterior Upgrade - Pack 2
  • Practical
  • Battery Charger - Lithium-ion
  • Branded Floor Mat Set
  • Car Cover
  • Luggage Retention Strap
  • Safety & Security
  • 360 Degree Park Assist
  • Parking Sensors & Rear Parking Camera
  • Parking Sensors (Front & Rear)
  • Standard Alarm
  • Vehicle Lift
  • Wheel & Brake
  • 5 Twin-Spoke Lightweight Forged Wheels
  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  • Red Calipers
  • Satin Diamond Cut Wheel Finish
  • Tyres - Pirelli P ZERO CORSA
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711 Sheikh Zayed Rd

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