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600LT Spider

600LT Spider -
600LT Spider -
600LT Spider -
600LT Spider -
600LT Spider -
600LT Spider -
600LT Spider -
  • 年式McLaren
  • 価格AU$649,000
  • 走行距離350 km
  • ボディAmethyst Black
  • インテリアcarbon black
  • 保証
600LT Spiderの詳細
  • 加速 2.9 secs(0~100km/h)
  • 最高トルク620 Nm
  • 排気量(cm³)3,799 cm³
  • 馬力 441 kW

  • 車両幅 2,095 mm
  • 車両長4,604 mm
  • 車両高1,196 mm

To be faster. Lighter. Nimbler. To provide undiluted feedback and encourage you to push. To the edge and even further. The new McLaren 600LT Spider takes this formidable mix and intensifies it - heightening every sensation. Vivid. Raw. Visceral... Unforgettable. At the press of a button, the ultra-light retractable hard top roof vanishes beneath its tonneau cover. And puts the driver even closer to the mind bending LT experience. At every compelling moment. Just like every McLaren that has earned the LT name before, the 600LT Spider is aggressively aerodynamic and obsessively light. In fact, its unique carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis is so light and strong that no extra stiffening was needed to maintain the incredible levels of performance and agility. From a family of rare, revered cars, here's something rarer still. A Spider without compromise. That takes LT exhilaration and pushes it further. Welcome to the edge. Amplified.
Nerang Street 179
Southport 4215
+61 7 5509 7110